1. There are fully restored, ready-to-ship scooters, ship immediately from our warehouse. Door to door is about 4-5 weeks within US&Canada, EU, Australia ( it takes longer to Hawaii, PR, Guam and Alaska).

We offer Door-to-Door delivery. Ship right away to your door, no hassle dealing with Customs, no need to pay for Clearance, Destination charge, or Forklift charge, no need to rent a truck and pick up at the warehouse, no importing paper or application fees. No other hidden fees.

2. If our available scooters don’t meet your requirements, you can request for a Custom-Built scooter. It will take 10-15 days to restore the scooter and will take about 4-5 weeks to your door.

3. We do accept Bank Wire Transfer & Credit Cards *


Now you can order one with confidence.



We use

  • Other customizations are available upon requested.

  • Custom-color is AVAILABLE upon requested.

  • More colors are available, please click Colors page.

  • Paperwork from 150cc into 125cc are available upon requested.

  • All prices quoted are in US Dollar.

  • For more photos, please contact us.

Over 90% new parts installed, please click Here for our complete parts list – REFUND if there’s any part on the list not NEW